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Southwestern High School
A consolidation of
Flat Rock and
Mt. Auburn High Schools
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Flat Rock and Mt. Auburn schools went from 1st through the 12th grades, while Hendricks Twp. went through the 8th grade ( Hendricks Twp. is the old school located on St. Road 44 halfway between Southwestern and Franklin).  It is not the same as the Hendricks on Miller Street (both are closed now).   And yes, they have built a brand new elementary in Southwestern, also called Hendricks.  It is located on St. Joe Street, basically north of the high school and middle school.  

In the fall of 1958, the 7th grade through 12th grad students went to the new Southwestern High School.  First through sixth grades continued to go to Mt. Auburn, Flat Rock and Hendricks Township Elementary Schools until the fall of 1977 when the Southwestern Elementary opened next tp the High School.  At that time, Mt. Auburn, Flat Rock and Hendricks Twp Elementary Schools all closed.  

About Hendricks Twp. School:  If you went to Hendricks Twp Elementary, you had a choice upon graduation of taking one of three buses that provided transportation to the following High Schools of your choice: Mt. Auburn, Boggstown, and Southwestern. If someone wanted to go to Franklin, the Twp. would pay the tuition as they had no high school, but the student had to provide their own transportation. There was one family who did that. They lived right on the Johnson/Shelby line up above 44. No one went to Moral as that was too far away. Moral and Boggstown closed around 1959 to combine with Fairland High School to form Triton High School.  Then in the fall of 1962 Triton Central High School welcomed it's first senior class.

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