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Original Shelbyville Golden Bear Logo
Walking Bear

Current Original Shelbyville Golden Bear Logo

The Bears of Blue River
by Charles Major
published in 1901

In 1872 Charles Major was one of six students to graduate from the first four year program from Shelbyville High School.  Don't know when the Golden Bear was adopted as the Shelbyville's mascot, but the first reference to the 'Golden Bear' was in the 1935 Squib.   We may never know if the the bear was chosen as the teams symbol because of the Bears of Blue River book or if it was just a coincident.

The first time the Golden Bear logo appeared in a Squib was on back of the Cheer Leading Squad on page 53 of my class's yearbook of 1961.  Before that is was just drawings.  Around 1992, the school adopted the walking bear in the center as it's official logo.  Later,  the logo was changed to the the one one on the right. 

Email from an Alumni. I was reading on the  alumni site the item on the name of the Golden Bears;  my uncle, Ernest Mozingo, won a naming contest for the SHS athletic teams—I don’t know the year.  He played basketball and football for SHS in the late 20’s.   He did reference the Bears of Blue River in the name, and Golden was taken from the black and gold school colors.  Thought you might be interested.  Anne (Kuhn)

After all these years, I can still hear the chant,

"We are the Bears, the Mighty, Mighty Bears"

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